Can I use one of your poems for a project?

You can use my work for personal projects, i.e. journaling/using the work as captions/using in school projects, with full credit given.

However, for commercial projects, you'll need to obtain permission and pay for the work.


I am a singer/composer. Are you open to songwriting?

Yes. Contact me for the pricing.


I am an artist. Can you to design a cover for my book/album?

Yes. Contact me for the pricing.


I saw an illustration/print on your Instagram feed. Are the prints available for purchase?

The prints on my Instagram are indeed available for purchase. You can send your inquires through email and I will get back to you.


Are you available to travel for book conventions/conferences?

I have a very packed schedule due to my on-going bachelor's degree. But if the dates do not clash with my schedule, then I am most definitely available.


I am about to publish a book. Will you write a blurb for me?

I have stopped writing advance praises/blurbs. I may, if it's a project I TRULY endorse, but in the meantime, I am not doing it.


Is your Instagram open for PR/collaboration?

It is. Please contact me with the details.